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Roxtec International AB

Dispage extensions are awesome add-ons to our SugarCRM System.
They add value to our World Class Salesforce. The service is perfect and people from dispage are fast and flexible. That is totally according to the Roxtec Core Values.
Matthias Brück - CRM Specialist
CAST Software
Enhanced Studio is an excellent tool that helped us to take SugarCRM to the next level.
Customization become so easy and sky is the limit. Thank to Dispage Team for the great tool and outstanding support.
Stan Velit - IT Manager
iWave Information Systems

iWave Information Systems has been using Dispage's Products for the past 2 years.
The products and customer service provided by dispage is phenomenal. Whenever we at iWave Information Systems have had any issues with their products, dispage team were very quick to respond and provide a fix within a very short span of time. Dispage understands the needs of CRM users very well and I believe the reason for their success is the ability to provide products that cater to those needs in a very simple yet effective manner.
Imran Khan - CRM Administrator
Alertus Technologies LLC

Dispage Enhanced Search really fills in the holes in the Sugarcrm search options.
Without it our salespeople would constantly switching back and forth between module list views and reports. Enhanced Search greatly simplifies workflow and reduces training.
Blake Robertson - Chief Technology Officer
WTS Proprietary Trading Group

Enhanced Studio has given me the opportunity to significantly improve the functionality of our CRM without the need to modify a single sugarcrm file.
This has streamlined our ability to keep our employee database in compliance in a seamless and efficient way. Any technical questions or difficulties I had along the was quickly answered by dispage’s superb customer support service.
Drew Freedman – IT Project Manager