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dispage presents: Jelliphy

1 Jun 2011

dispage proudly presents: Jelliphy

Jelliphy is an innovative product that changes the concept of web design:
now sites can be edited from the browser itself.

Use Jelliphy bookmarklet now in any web page


Try the PRO edition with some of the most famous PHP applications

dispage Jelliphy logo
Enhanced Search is now GA

06 Sep 2010

Enhanced Search 3.1 GA has been released

Discover the new features of Enhanced Search 3.1.03, the ultimate SugarCRM search tool.

Now compatible with SugarCRM™ 6.

Enhanced Studio 3.1

02 Mar 2010

Enhanced Studio 3.1 released

Enhanced Studio 3.1 beta for SugarCRM™ 5.5.0 and 5.5.1 is now available as Dispage Extension. Among the new features, the Logic Hook Programming Interface which allows to program directly SugarCRM™ Logic Hooks.

ModuleSurfer Video Tour

24 May 2010

ModuleSurfer Video Tour

ModuleSurfer is now Generally Available.
Take a video tour and see how ModuleSurfer improves SugarCRM™ usability.

Enhanced Studio 3.1 Manual

08 Mar 2010

Enhanced Studio 3.1 Admin Manual released

New edition of Administration Manual for Enhanced Studio 3.1 has been released.

DEM Generally Available

23 Feb 2010

Dispage Extension Manager is now Generally Available

Among the new features:

  • Installation/Uninstallation of Multiple extensions in one click
  • The new "Language Supported" column
  • jQuery upgraded to v. 1.4.1

Dispage at SugarCon 2010

12 Apr 2010

Dispage at SugarCon 2010

Dispage was represented at SugarCon 2010 by Patrizio Gelosi, dispage CEO (in the photo with Clint Oram, SugarCRM co-founder).

Enhanced Studio Full is out

24 Sep 2010

Enhanced Studio 3.1 Full has been released

Enhanced Studio 3.1 for SugarCRM™ 5.5 and 6 is now available in Basic and Full versions with the new:

  • Online PHP Syntax Checking
  • AJAX Callback field type
  • and more...
SugarCRM™ & WEB 2.0

5 Gen 2010

SugarCRM™ & WEB 2.0

the last released Dispage extension, revolutionizes the SugarCRM™ usage. Thanks to the massive application of the Dispage Framework functionalities, ModuleSurfer improves dramatically the data accessibility in everyday usage by turning each Module into an AJAX grid.
All the new functionalities are performed without reloading the page.

Enhanced Search 3.1

05 Apr 2010

Enhanced Search 3.1 released

Enhanced Search 3.1 beta for SugarCRM™ 5.5.0 and 5.5.1 is now available as Dispage Extension.
The new Additional Search Fields panel has been added to the last release of Enhanced Search. This amazing tool allows to compose arbitrarily complex search queries even using the fields of the related modules.
Moreover, a SQL editor tool is available switching to the Custom Query Mode.

ModuleSurfer Boosted

12 Nov 2010

ModuleSurfer 1.1 is available

ModuleSurfer 1.1 is available in Basic and Full versions with many new amazing features:

  • Grouping and filtering records
  • CRUD Interface
  • Safe editing
  • and more...
SugarCRM™ packages like Firefox…

5 Gen 2010

SugarCRM™ packages like Firefox Add-ons.

A new SugarCRM™ tool has been beta released: Dispage Extension Manager. Allows to search for the available extensions and updates, checks for compatibility with the SugarCRM™ versions and logs the related events.