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Install Jelliphy on SugarCRM™

1. File copy

The first step of Jelliphy installation on SugarCRM can be done in two alternative ways:

Download the Jelliphy for SugarCRM package and install it with SugarCRM Module Loader.

2. Install and configure

Once the previous step is completed, the Jelliphy install and configure wizard automatically starts and guides you through all the remaining steps.

Install Jelliphy on any other PHP site

The installation procedure is shown in this video tutorial.

1. File copy

Download the Jelliphy for generic PHP site, unzip it and copy to your PHP application root directory.

2. (For non-Windows OS) Update the file's owner / group

The owner and group of Jelliphy files must be set to your webserver's for a correct access to all the resources.

First, you have to find out what is your webserver user/group as explained in this forum (usually it’s apache:apache or www-data:www-data), then change dir to your application root and launch the following command

chown -R <user>:<group> install_jelliphy.php MGRequest.php custom/

2. Install and configure

Manually access the URL


from your browser and follow the install and configure wizard.