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Jelliphy LITE bookmarklet

Before starting to use Jelliphy please read carefully its Terms & Conditions of Use.

Jelliphy LITE

How to use it

How to use a jelliphy bookmarklet

Step 1: Add the Jelliphy Bookmarklet to your favorites

The "Jelliphy LITE" button above is your Jelliphy LITE bookmarklet: you need to put it in your browser's bookmarks bar.

First, you should try dragging it there. If dragging doesn't work, right-click the button and select "Add to your favorites" from the context menu.

Step 2: Go to any page

Go to any web page you want to jelliphy.

Step 3: Click the Jelliphy Bookmarklet

Click the Jelliphy Bookmarklet from your bookmark bar and wait until Jelliphy is entirely loaded.