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how to use the Jelliphy GUI

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Drag'n'drop any element to any position
Switch to the Handle Mode and move the elements with extraordinary ease: simply click one or more elements to select them and then drag them to any position.
Resize Elements
To resize one or more elements, select them and then drag the the bottom-right corner of the cursor until the element has reached the desired size.
Edit the images of the Page
With a click, the images in the page can be easily edited with Pixlr Online Editor
Image library
Jelliphy Extended also provide a library to manage the image used in the changes. You can create a new image or edit an Image in the library with Pixlr Online Editor
Coloring has never been so easy
Color Picker is an advanced tool that helps you to select a color for fonts, background, borders and any other color property.
Jelliphy provides an eyedropper tool to pick colors directly from the web page, including images.

Picked colors are collected in the Color Tool and are available to paint elements or to be used in other color selectors.
Change the properties of the elements
The Properties Mode is the ideal tool to view and modify attributes and properties of the selected element(s). You can format text, change the colors, the opacity, add shadows and many more
Type text directly in the page
The content of selected elements can be in-place edited by clicking the quick edit icon of the Cursor Panel, the quick edit button of the Quickbar or double-clicking it.
Draw on the page
This is a new amazing toolset that allows you to really draw on your page and add some sticky notes with incredible ease and convert your drawing into images!
You can use a pencil, a brush, draw various shapes and retouch the page layout
Enclose some elements in a box
The handiest way to select elements close together is dragging an area around them, after switched to the Area Mode.
Multiple boxes
Multiple boxes can also be selected pressing shift or checking the "Select multiple areas" mode option.
Paint elements with a click
Elements can be easily painted with the colors of the Main Panel after switched to the Paint Mode
Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete elements
Once selected, page elements can be cut, copied, pasted and deleted with the buttons of the Jelliphy Quickbar and even with the usual hotkeys (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, …)
Add shadows to the elements
In properties mode, text shadows can be added to any element clicking the "Shadow" button of the "Style - Text" sub-panel.
Add new elements to the page
After switched to the Add Mode you can select any element from the Element Palette, optinally edit it and change any property, and finally drag'n'drop it anywhere in the page.
Undo and redo the last actions
Last actions can be undone and redone with the "Undo" and "Redo" buttons of the Jelliphy Quickbar and with the usual hotkeys (Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y).
Navigate the History Panel
Need an advanced history management? Toggle the History Panel from the Quickbar or the menu bar. You can use this panel to jump to any recent state, clicking the "undo" icon that appears when you highlight a state, or Edit the current action, by clicking the "edit" icon.
Embed your changes in a link (EXT)
You may want to embed some saved changes in a customized bookmarklet so as to be apply them again in one click. Click the Embed button of the Quickbar to access the "Embed Transformations" panel, then Select the transformations to embed and click the "Get bookmarklet" button.
Publish your changes (PRO)
If you are the onwer of the site and have installed the Jelliphy Pro Edition, you can select which saved changes you want to be published in your site.