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Enhanced Search

This plugin is an incredible improvement to the SugarCRM™ search functionality.

Enhanced Search 3.1.07released: 13/02/2013

New amazing search capabilities with dispage Enhanced Search:

  • Arbitrarily complex search queries composed through Additional Search Fields panel even using related modules.
  • Full logic operator and nested condition support.
  • Live ajax-loaded operators for each specific search field type.
  • SQL query editor tool.
  • Full support to save all the kinds of search.

what's new in 3.1 ?
  • SugarCRM 6 Compatibility
  • Intuitive Search Options
  • Custom Query Parameter Interface
  • Enhanced search options in Basic Search Panel
  • Public Saved Search
  • Search for deleted records
  • Chinese language support

dispage Enhanced Search 3.1 FULL pricing table

3 month on-line 6 month on-line 12 month on-line 12 month off-line Max Users

Max number of users in one SugarCRM™ installation.

more than 50

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any request or special needs.

need to upgrade?
  • FOR ITALIAN AND UE NON-COMMERCIAL CUSTOMERS ONLY: all prices above are VAT (22%) excluded.
  • One Enhanced Search License is valid for one SugarCRM Production installation and three SugarCRM Development installations
  • On-line licenses need periodic connection to dispage server (DRC). Off-line licenses need no connection to dispage.
  • Enhanced Search is a SugarCRM™ extension that requires dispage Extension Manager to work
  • All prices are in U.S. dollars.