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Enhanced Search

This plugin is an incredible improvement to the SugarCRM™ search functionality.

Enhanced Search 3.1.07released: 13/02/2013

New amazing search capabilities with dispage Enhanced Search:

  • Arbitrarily complex search queries composed through Additional Search Fields panel even using related modules.
  • Full logic operator and nested condition support.
  • Live ajax-loaded operators for each specific search field type.
  • SQL query editor tool.
  • Full support to save all the kinds of search.

what's new in 3.1 ?
  • SugarCRM 6 Compatibility
  • Intuitive Search Options
  • Custom Query Parameter Interface
  • Enhanced search options in Basic Search Panel
  • Public Saved Search
  • Search for deleted records
  • Chinese language support

Additional Search Fields Panel

Additional Search Fields Additional Search Fields

Additional Search Fields is a powerful tool to add conditions of every kind, from the simplest to any arbitrary complex or nested, to the SugarCRM™ advanced searches. The following properties must be specified for each condition:

Module Additional Search Fields allows to perform searches across the Main Module (the Module whose records must be retrieved) and any of the Related Modules.
Field Name After a module is selected, its fields are automatically ajax-loaded in the Field Name dropdown.
Field Operator According to the field's type selected, a list of supported operators to choose from is loaded in the Field Operator dropdown.
Search Value According to the operator selected, a specific input field is loaded to simplify the user input.

There is no limit to the number of search conditions, and it is very easy to combine or nest all the conditions using grouping and logical operators.

Extended Date Search Options


Extended Input Modes for Date search fields:

Date Range The classic Enhanced Search date range search, with a "From" and a "To" field.
Day Selection The Classic SugarCRM single day search.
Month/Year The so long expected month / year filter.
Quarter A quarter-based filter can be applied too.
Relative A easy way to select the results by specifying a relative time window based on the current date and time.
Extended Date Search Options

Enhanced Search Configuration

Enhanced Search Configuration

Enhanced Search behavior can be configured from the Enhanced Search Options panel. Three configurations section are available:

Global Controls the hiding policy and hint visualization.
Custom Query Personalize the SQL Custom Query behavior.
User Specific Specify any user restriction.

Enhanced Search Options


The Enhanced Search Options are accessible by clicking the More Detai icon on the right of any search field.

  • Date/Datetime search range
  • Extended Date search filter
  • OR / NOT / EMPTY search operators
  • Intuitive Text search operators ("Starting with", "Ending with" and "Containing")
  • Text search from a list of multiple filed values
  • Text search between two text-values
  • Numeric search operators (arithmetic operators and "Between")
  • Numeric search between two numbers

Starting with SugarCRM 6 those features are available in Basci Search too.

Enhanced Search Options

SQL Query Editor

SQL Query Editor

Custom Query is the ultimate tool for SugarCRM™ Search customization. SQL queries can be view / changed thanks to a SQL-specific edit Area.

Any portion of the query can be parameterized and valued from a user interface.

Saved Search Full Support


All the searches above can be saved, loaded or updated through SugarCRM Saved Search tool.

Saved search can be published to all users.

Saved Search Full Support