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Enhanced Studio

Unlimited customization capabilities with the new version of dispage Enhanced Studio.

Enhanced Studio 3.1.04ereleased: 17/09/2013

Enhanced Studio is a new powerful tool for SugarCRM™ Administrators.

It aims to provide the SugarCRMStudio tool and the Module Builder with new features to meet any customization requirement.

With the fundamental aid of Enhanced Studio, SugarCRM™ can be easily customized without touching any line of SugarCRM™ code.

  • Enter directly your PHP code in the new Code field.
  • Add your PHP code to any SugarCRM logic hooks.
  • Handle exact time dimensions and measures using the Advanced Datetime fields.
what's new in 3.1.04?
  • SugarCRM 6 Compatibility
  • Online PHP Syntax Checking
  • AJAX Callback field type
  • Options Panel to set EditArea dimensions of code-type fields

dispage Enhanced Studio 3.1 FULL pricing table

3 month on-line 6 month on-line 12 month on-line 12 month off-line Max Users

The upper limit of total users in all SugarCRM™ production installations.

more than 50

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any request or special needs.

need to upgrade?
  • FOR ITALIAN AND UE NON-COMMERCIAL CUSTOMERS ONLY: all prices above are VAT (22%) excluded.
  • Customizations performed with Enhnaced Studio keep working after the licence expires, although exporting, importing, creating and editing is no more allowed.
  • One Enhanced Studio License is valid for any number of SugarCRM Production installations (whose total number of SugarCRM Users is limited by the "Max Users" number) and three SugarCRM Development installations
  • On-line licenses need periodic connection to dispage server (DRC). Off-line licenses need no connection to dispage.
  • Enhanced Studio is a SugarCRM™ extension that requires dispage Extension Manager to work
  • All prices are in U.S. dollars.