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Enhanced Studio

Unlimited customization capabilities with the new version of dispage Enhanced Studio.

Enhanced Studio 3.1.04ereleased: 17/09/2013

Enhanced Studio is a new powerful tool for SugarCRM™ Administrators.

It aims to provide the SugarCRMStudio tool and the Module Builder with new features to meet any customization requirement.

With the fundamental aid of Enhanced Studio, SugarCRM™ can be easily customized without touching any line of SugarCRM™ code.

  • Enter directly your PHP code in the new Code field.
  • Add your PHP code to any SugarCRM logic hooks.
  • Handle exact time dimensions and measures using the Advanced Datetime fields.
what's new in 3.1.04?
  • SugarCRM 6 Compatibility
  • Online PHP Syntax Checking
  • AJAX Callback field type
  • Options Panel to set EditArea dimensions of code-type fields

Code Type Fields

Code Type Fields DB Type - Code Type Fields
Logic Hook - Code Type Fields Logic Hook result - Code Type Fields

Code Type Fields are the basic elements for SugarCRM™ customization. They can be added from SugarCRMStudio or Module Builder.

  • Enter your code seamlessly thanks to languages specific edit tool.
  • Find and correct syntax errors in you PHP code before saving with PHP Online Syntax Checking.
  • Store and retrieve the field values to/from the DataBase by assigning a DB-Type.
  • Specify a PHP code for each Logic Hook of the field. Logic Hook Programming Interface helps to manage multiple logic hooks in one page.
  • Import/Export your customization,

AJAX Callback Fields


AJAX Callback Fields allow to manage the AJAX callbacks called from Code Fields.

  • Enter a PHP code to be executed as an AJAX Callback.
  • Call the code as authenticated user.
  • Import/Export your AJAX Callbacks.
AJAX Callback Fields

Advanced Datetime

Advanced Datetime Advanced Datetime

Advanced Datetime field type lets the Admin to meet all the requirements on managing date and time dimensions.

  • Allows Admin to select a Advanced Datetime Sub-Type.
  • Datetime sub-type allows to enter a date and a time values in the same field.
  • Time sub-type allows to enter a time value.
  • LengthTime sub-type is a new sub-type that allows managing a time measure.
  • Advanced Datetime Operation Library is available to perform most common operations with Advanced Datetime Values.
  • Advanced Datetime customization can be either imported or exported.

Calendar Tamplate


Calendar Template allows to create modules with the same look and functionalities of SugarCRM Calendar and customizable at will.

  • Records can be displayed in Day, Week, Month and Year views as long as the classic SugarCRM list view.
  • Each view support specifics time aggregate functionalities.
  • Custom Calendar modules can be imported or exported.
Calendar Tamplate Calendar Tamplate

Enhanced Studio Configuration

Enhanced Studio Configuration

Following options can be configured from Enhnaced Studio Configuration Panel:

  • Disable online syntax checking.
  • EditArea initial dimensions.