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Extension Manager

dispage Extension Manager (DEM) is a new SugarCRM™ tool that allows the Administrator to manage the dispage extensions in a way similar to Firefox.

Extension Manager 1.0.11freleased: 17/07/2012

Administrator can search for the available extensions and updates, check for compatibility with the SugarCRM™ versions and log the related events.

 Added the Offline Mode: key features are available without the connection to Dispage Resource Center (DRC).


dispage Extensions Management

DEM connects to dispage Resource Center (DRC) at user login, activates and synchronizes the installed extensions.

All the dispage Extensions available in the DRC are shown in the proper tab, each followed by the SugarCRM™ version compatibility list.

dispage theme can be chosen among six different colors or changes automatically following the SugarCRM™ main one if the Auto option is selected.

Administrator can configure the connection options and disable the automatic check for updates.
 Administrator can make that Extension Manager equates selected Admin users to Non-Admins.

Administrator can install extensions with the desired release and version.

Installed extensions are shown in a "Firefox style".
Enabled packages have the new Option button for specific settings.
 Repair functionality is now available for all the dispage extensions.

Multiple installations / uninstallations at one time can be performed.

The complete list of supported languages is available for each package.

Event LOG

Event Manager tab shows the list of events related to the extension management and allows to filter/order the log by date, type and event.


The new Dispage Framework is installed along with the Extension Manager. It provides a collection of libraries fully integrated with SugarCRM™ and available to developers: