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ModuleSurfer revolutionizes the SugarCRM™ usage.

ModuleSurfer 1.1.01breleased: 17/09/2013

Thanks to the massive application of the Dispage Framework functionalities, ModuleSurfer improves dramatically the data accessibility in everyday usage.

The long-time expected plugin turns each Module into a jQuery grid. Users can now view all the records at one time thanks to the new autoload scrolling feature. Plus, data can be changed or deleted directly on the grid.

New features in 1.1 release allow to perform all the most common actions (editing, sorting, filtering, etc.) without reloading the page: this brings significant advantages in terms of time and ease of use as well as in reducing the bandwidth.

The last but not the least: new actions such as grouping by a column, not available in SugarCRM, can be done in one click.

what's new in 1.1 ?
  • SugarCRM 6 Compatibility
  • Grouping by a column
  • Filter toolbar
  • Inline editing supported for all the main field types
  • Paged view
  • Adding Records with Easy Forms
  • Editing Records with Easy Forms
  • Quick view of records
  • Safe editing
  • Layout customization
  • Delete inline icon

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3 month on-line 6 month on-line 12 month on-line 12 month off-line Max Users

Max number of users in one SugarCRM™ installation.

more than 50

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any request or special needs.

need to upgrade?
  • FOR ITALIAN AND UE NON-COMMERCIAL CUSTOMERS ONLY: all prices above are VAT (22%) excluded.
  • One ModuleSurfer License is valid for one SugarCRM Production installation.
  • On-line licenses need periodic connection to dispage server (DRC). Off-line licenses need no connection to dispage.
  • ModuleSurfer is a SugarCRM™ extension that requires dispage Extension Manager to work
  • All prices are in U.S. dollars.