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ModuleSurfer revolutionizes the SugarCRM™ usage.

ModuleSurfer 1.1.01breleased: 17/09/2013

Thanks to the massive application of the Dispage Framework functionalities, ModuleSurfer improves dramatically the data accessibility in everyday usage.

The long-time expected plugin turns each Module into a jQuery grid. Users can now view all the records at one time thanks to the new autoload scrolling feature. Plus, data can be changed or deleted directly on the grid.

New features in 1.1 release allow to perform all the most common actions (editing, sorting, filtering, etc.) without reloading the page: this brings significant advantages in terms of time and ease of use as well as in reducing the bandwidth.

The last but not the least: new actions such as grouping by a column, not available in SugarCRM, can be done in one click.

what's new in 1.1 ?
  • SugarCRM 6 Compatibility
  • Grouping by a column
  • Filter toolbar
  • Inline editing supported for all the main field types
  • Paged view
  • Adding Records with Easy Forms
  • Editing Records with Easy Forms
  • Quick view of records
  • Safe editing
  • Layout customization
  • Delete inline icon

Surfing Data

dispage ModuleSurfer - Surfing Data  

ModuleSurfer keeps all the SugarCRM functionalities, plus adding new ones.

The main advantage is that such functionalities have been rebuilt in AJAX: this allows to save the time and bandwidth that would be wasted in reloading the entire HTML page each time an action is performed.

ModuleSurfer allows to group by a column, explode and implode any group, and makes it easy to sort and filter by a field.

Inline Editing


Changing data on-the fly has never been so easy with the inline editing feature.

Users can edit the fields on which they have the proper permissions directly on the ModuleSurfer ListView.

Grid cells are converted into type-specific input elements in a click, as in a spreadsheet.

dispage ModuleSurfer - Inline Editing  

Safe Editing

dispage ModuleSurfer - Inline Editing  

Data can be protected against unwanted changes:

  • Read-Only property set according to SugarCRM ACL permissions for each field
  • Form Editing deactivable for each field from ModuleSurfer Options
  • Form Editing "Ask Before Save" global option
  • Inline Editing "Ask Before Save" option available for each field

CRUD Interface


A practical alternative to SugarCRM EditView is the ModuleSurfer Easy Form: the advantages of Easy Forms are the ease of use and the time/bandwidth saving.

Records can be quickly added, viewed, edited and deleted thanks to the inline buttons and the Easy Forms.

dispage ModuleSurfer - CRUD Interface  

Customize View

dispage ModuleSurfer - Customize View  

Grid Layout can be changed at will by re-ordering, hiding and resizing columns.

Also, some switches are available to hide/show Filter Bar, choose between paged and all-in-one view, and enable/disable the auto-width for the columns or for all the grid.

This Settings can be saved to be restored each time the module is accessed to.