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Enhanced Search behavior can be configured from the Enhanced-Search Options panel.

The panel can be accessed in three steps:

1. Click the "Dispage Extensions" link at the top-right SugarCRM™ menu

2. Click the "Enhanced Search" extension from the "Installed Extensions" tab

3. Click the "Options" button from the extension's details

Esearch config select.png


Global Options

Esearch config global2.png

Automatically hide Search Panels

This setting controls all the hiding policy of the following panels:

1- Advanced Search Panel

2- Parameter Panel (FULL version)

3- Custom Query EditArea

Four choices are available for the hiding policy:

Never (default)

Panels are always visible as their containing page is accessed to.

After a Search

Panels are visible the first time they are accessed to, whereas they are always hidden after a search.

With blank entries

1- Advanced Search panel is visible if it has at least a search field with a value or an EMPTY Enhanced Option checked

2- In FULL version: Parameter Panel and EditArea are both visible if Parameter Panel has at least a valued parameter field. In DEMO version: EditArea is visible if not empty


Panels are always hidden.

Default Operator for Text Fields

Administrator may select the Enhanced Search Operator set by default for the text fields by changing this configuration option (FULL version).

Default Input Mode for Date Fields

Similarly to the previous, administrator may select the default Input Mode for the date fields by changing this configuration option (FULL version).

Hide the Search Buttons in the top panel New-inline.png

The "Search" and "Cancel" buttons in the Enhanced Search top panel can be hidden by checking this configuration option.

Hide Hint Icons

"Enhanced Search hint icons" is an help tool adding a tooltip near the main Enhanced Search elements.
It can be disabled by checking this option.

Custom Query Options

Esearch config custom query.png

Always hide Custom Query EditArea

This setting allows to override the hiding policy of the EditArea so that it is always hidden.

Prevent Non-Admin Users from viewing Custom Queries

(FULL version only) When using parameterized queries, a common requirement is not to display the EditArea when a Non-Admin users enter the Custom Query Mode. This can be done by setting this option.

Note the difference between this option and the previous:
When "Always hide Custom Query EditArea" is set, EditArea is initially hidden but can be shown by clicking the Custom Query EditArea link.
When "Prevent Non-Admin Users from viewing Custom Queries" is set, EditArea and the Custom Query EditArea link are never displayed to the Non-Admin users.

Number of columns in Parameter Panel

(FULL version only) The number of columns in which the parameters are displayed can be selected from this dropdown (from 1 to 5).

User Specific

Esearch config user specific2.png

Disable Custom Query Mode for the following Users/Roles

Custom Query Mode can be disabled for selected Roles. Also selected users can be prevented to access it, with the following rule:
Custom Query Mode is disabled to a user if it is disabled directly to him OR to its role.

New-inline.png Such a behavior may be reverted by selecting "Enable" in the Dropdown field at the beginning of the option: in this case Custom Query Mode is enabled to a user only if he or its role is selected.

Disable Additional Search for the following Users/Roles

Rules similar to the above also apply to Additional Search Fields

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