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ModuleSurfer Configuration panel can be opened in three steps:

1. Click the "Dispage Extensions" link at the top-right SugarCRM™ menu

2. Click the "ModuleSurfer" extension from the "Installed Extensions" tab

3. Click the "Options" button from the extension's details

Modulesurfer options access.png

Figure 1


Global Options

Global Options tab includes settings that are globally applied to the ModuleSurfer grids of all modules.

Options global.png

Figure 2

Rows retrieved on scrolling

Number of records retrieved on scrolling the vertical bar of the grid (default is 50).

This setting is applied when Auto Load is On, that is module is in All-in-one view. It defines how many records are loaded each time the vertical bar is moved to a position in which some records have not been loaded yet.

Rows per page

(FULL) Number of records per page (default is 100), when modules are in Paged View.

This setting is applied when Auto Load is Off and defines how many records are displayed in a page.

Changing the two options above may affect performances: a big number means larger packages sent each time records are loaded, but also means that records statistically need to be loaded less times, and vice versa.

Hide Tooltip icons

Inline Tooltip icons are useful, but can also be annoying: this setting is to turn them off.

Prevent Users from Enabling/Disabling ModuleSurfer

Each user can autonomously switch between ModuleSurfer grid and classic SugarCRM ListView by checking the Disable ModuleSurfer checkboxes at the bottom of each module's grid.

This option allows to hide those checkboxes.

If Administrator disables ModuleSurfer from Disable ModuleSurfer for this module module-specific option, this global option has no effect on that module.

Disable Delete from "Actions" Column

(FULL) Delete inline icon can be disabled from this option.

Ask before saving form

(FULL) If this setting is activated, user is asked to confirm the update of a record when submitting an Easy Form.

Default behaviour on Editing

(FULL) Default behaviour on Editing allows the Administrator to select among four editing security levels in order to reduce the risk of unwanted changes of data from ModuleSurfer.

Each level is defined by specific write permissions (which can be granted, granted with confirmation or denied) for the ModuleSurfer editing tools.

This options affects the ModuleSurfer editing tools only: records can be changed from the classic SugarCRM EditView in any case. Also, it applies only to fields having the Editing property set to Default.

Modulesurfer options default editing.png

Figure 3

The following Editing levels are available:

Allow inline and form editing

Field values can be changed from the grid and from the Easy Forms with no limitation.

Ask before inline saving

If Inline Editing is not secure enough against the risk of accidental data updates, the Ask before save option is available.

This option lets users modify values from the Easy Forms, but requires user confirmation before to save permanently the changes made while inline-editing.

Allow form editing only

Access to Inline Editing is denied, whereas fields can be modified from Easy Forms.

Deny inline and form editing

Field values cannot be changed from ModuleSurfer tools.

Module Specific Options

Each module that is grid-rendered by ModuleSurfer has specific properties configurable from this tab.

First, Module switch must be used to select which module to configure. As it changes, the options of selected module are shown.

Figure 4

Disable ModuleSurfer for this module

ModuleSurfer grid can be disabled for specific modules.

If ModuleSurfer is disabled from this option, users are not allowed to re-enable it from Disable ModuleSurfer checkbox.

Set Read-Only property

(BASIC) This option controls the Inline Editing property for each field.

If checked, the corresponding field cannot be inline-edited.

Set Field properties

(FULL) Editing and Hide properties can be set from this section.


Editing property overrides the Default behaviour on Editing Global Option.

If a cell in the Editing column is clicked, it changes to a dropdown with the Editing level choices.

Modulesurfer options select editing.png

Figure 5

If Default is selected the global Default behaviour is applied, otherwise the selected value is applied to that field only. The meanings of Editing levels are the same of the corresponding ones in Default behaviour on Editing, of which they are a contracted form, as reported in Table 1.

Editing level Default behaviour level
Allow Allow inline and form editing
Ask Ask before inline saving
Form Allow form editing only
Deny Deny inline and form editing

Table 1


Each field can be hidden by default from the ModuleSurfer grid.

This property may be useful if a field needs to be modified with Easy Forms but must not be shown in the grid.

Users can override this setting by changing the column selection.

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