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Each user can customize ModuleSurfer Layout of each module according to his own demands. With FULL version, user can also save Layout settings so that they are retrieved each time he returns to that module.


Changes made on the grid

The customizations described in this section are performed directly on the grid, for example by resizing or moving its elements

Grouping by a Column

This change is made by clicking the Group or the Ungroup icon on the left of each column, as explained in the Grouping by a column section.

Resizing grid

Grid can be easily resized by drag'n'dropping its bottom right corner to the desired point.

Modulesurfer layout resize.png

Figure 1

After resizing grid, Grid Auto-Width is automatically set to Off.

Resizing columns

To resize a column, drag the right side of its header and slide it until the column has the desired width.

Modulesurfer layout column resize.png

Figure 2

After resizing a column, Column Auto-Width is automatically set to Off.

Re-ordering columns

To move a column, drag'n'drop the column header to the desired position.

Modulesurfer layout reorder.png

Figure 3

Changes made from Layout Customization panel

(FULL) Modifications reported in this section are made from Layout Customization panel.

To toggle the panel, click the Layout Customization link at the bottom of the grid.

Modulesurfer layout customization panel.png

Figure 4

Select Columns

Click this button to select the columns to be shown in the grid.

Modulesurfer layout button select columns.png

Figure 5

Note that the id of the records, always hidden by default, is also present.

Modulesurfer layout select columns.png

Figure 6

Toggle Filter

Click this button to toggle the Filter Bar.

Modulesurfer layout toggle filter.png

Figure 7

Auto Load

This button can be used to switch between the All-in-one View and the Paged View.

Modulesurfer layout auto load.png

Figure 8

Grid Auto-Width

When this option is set to On, grid automatically adjusts its width to the window each time the module is accessed to.

Modulesurfer layout grid auto width.png

Figure 9

Column Auto-Width

Column Auto-Width is a feature that adjusts column widths so as to fit grid width. If activated, it scales the original width of each column with the grid width at the module access and on resizing. By "original width" is meant the same width (in percentage) used in the classic SugarCRM ListView.

Modulesurfer layout column auto width.png

Figure 10

Saving Layout customizations

(FULL) Each user can save its own layout customizations for each modules, so that they are automatically retrieved the following times he returns to the module.

Save Layout

This button is self-explanatory.

Modulesurfer layout save.png

Figure 11

Restore Default Layout

Use this button to remove the Layout customizations saved for the working module and to restore the original Layout.

Modulesurfer layout restore.png

Figure 12

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